Titans of Trash

An Epic Endeavour

They came during the late 1800's and beyond. Waves of Immigrants - Italians, Dutch, Armenians, Jews, Irish and Scotts - all looking for a better life and opportunity in America. Most could not speak English and many were without skills. They were discriminated against and despised. Forced to take whatever jobs they could find, they worked on the docks, in the mines, in the rail yards and in what was then the lowest of jobs - picking up trash. They were called scavengers, ash men or garbage men. Though looked down upon, they proved to be strong people who possessed a quiet dignity that prevailed no matter what obstacles they faced, never losing faith in the American Dream.

This site, conceived by industry veteran and entrepreneur, Jack Casagrande, and developed in association with Bruce Parker, President/CEO of the Environmental Industry Associations (EIA) is dedicated to the Titans of Trash - the first generation of immigrants and their progeny who have stayed in the business of collecting and managing what today is over 250 million tons of solid waste! This site was created to collect and catalogue photographs and narratives to tell the story of how this once-defamed business has evolved into a 60 billion dollar industry consisting of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs providing an essential service, while protecting the environment and public health. Welcome to the Titans of Trash!

Please send us a history of your company or your family. Send photos, documents, written narratives or any materials you think would be of interest. All of us have stories to tell, memories to share, and those who have been in the industry for many decades have witnessed our industry change and grow into what it is today.

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